*We are the designers of your vision, combining our experience in design and merchandise to bring your story to life

*sunset studio is a creative studio founded by Maarten Beyens and Max Smeets. Two passionate entrepreneurs with a shared passion for innovation and a desire to challenge the status quo.

Our story takes root in the form of a small clothing brand. Every collection was more than just garments; it was a canvas for personal stories, a testament to our belief that clothing could be a vehicle for meaningful narratives. Maarten, with his background in product development, brought these collections to life by taking production and design in-house and mastering the art of textile printing.

However, it was when Maarten crossed paths with Max that the real transformation began. We saw the potential to combine our expertise in textile printing and design. Thus, sunset studio was born, fusing the art of visual storytelling with the craft of textile printing.

As the sun sets, our studio comes alive, and the real work—the work we love—begins.
digital content

Do you need a one-off social media post or a complete email marketing campaign? We offer a wide range of services, including social media design, illustrations, email design, and design templates.


Your brand is your identity, it's what sets you apart from your competitors and helps you build relationships with your customers. We offer a comprehensive range of branding services to help you create and manage a strong brand.

ai-powered design

Looking for consistent, high-quality photos, visuals, mockups, videos, or illustrations? With the help of AI, we create a digital library of generated content that fits every aspect of your brand. The possibilities are literally endless.

motion design

Breathe life into your content. From captivating animations to short video snippets or teasers and event visuals, we make sure your brand pulses with energy and engages at every turn.

ad creatives

Supercharge your marketing campaigns with attention-grabbing visuals. From ad graphics to video content, we bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to your ad strategy.

presentation design

A great pitch is always matched with a sleek presentation. Let's make your next slide deck, e-book, whitepaper or mockup win clients.


Physical touchpoints matter. From brochures to banners to business cards. We design print materials that hold, captivate, and speak volumes in the hands of your audience.


We navigate you through the challenging process of crafting merchandise that authentically represents your brand identity.


We guide you in selecting the perfect product from our extensive catalog, tailored to meet your specific requirements and preferences.


We challenge the status quo by creating designs that resonate with your brand and are loved by people, rather than settling for a simple chest logo.


We produce everything entirely in-house here in Belgium, ensuring efficient processes and eliminating lengthy production times.

"I bet you that 90% of people have at least 1 piece of branded clothing in their wardrobe. Almost all are worn as pajamas. Isn't that a waste of potential?"

*Maarten Beyens - founder
*our process
1 • intake
Our creative process begins with a warm welcome as we bring new clients into the fold. It's a bit like the start of a great conversation, where we get to know each other better.

During this essential stage, we aim to establish a solid foundation for our work together. We do this by setting up a meeting, and for more complex projects, we might even arrange a workshop. This helps us dive deep into the nuances of your project, ensuring we truly understand your needs.

To make this step as effective as possible, we encourage your active participation. If you can come to our first meeting armed with a project brief and, perhaps, a moodboard or style idea, it'll be a fantastic head start. With your insights in hand, we can craft a proposal that perfectly aligns with your vision, setting the stage for the exciting creative journey ahead.
2 • design
Now that the creative wheels are in motion, it's time for action. Once you've given the green light to our proposal, we roll up our sleeves and dive into the heart of the project.

Our next move depends on the timeframe we've agreed upon with you. In this phase, we start crafting the initial drafts for your projects, and it's all about design. We pour our creativity and expertise into shaping concepts that align with your vision
3 • check in
As the initial drafts take shape, we believe in the power of collaboration. At this stage, we schedule a (virtual) meeting to connect with you. It's our moment to present the first drafts, listen to your thoughts, and engage in a constructive dialogue.

Your feedback is invaluable, and we truly appreciate it. We take your insights to heart, using them as the guiding light for refining our initial drafts. We work diligently to ensure that you are not just satisfied, but thrilled with the result.

Once you're completely content with our progress, we're all set to proceed to the final phase of production, whether it's for design or merchandise.
4 • delivery
The finish line is in sight, and in this last step, we put the finishing touches on everything, transforming it into a fully polished, ready-to-use package tailored for you.

But here's where we set ourselves apart. Our commitment doesn't stop at delivery. We're in it for the long run. We're not just here for one project; we're here for the journey. We value ongoing connections and relationships with our clients.

We're dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open, ready to assist you with more projects or any questions you might have.
*our team
A portrait photo of Maarten Beyens standing inside a modern office
Maarten Beyens
Co-founder & operations
A portrait photo of Max Smeets standing inside a modern office
Max Smeets
co-founder & growth

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