University of Antwerp

A library of visuals about diversity and inclusion at the university
AI-powered design

project overview

In today's diverse landscape, values of inclusion and diversity aren't just buzzwords — they're our guiding principles. Recognizing this, the University of Antwerp established a dedicated task force to delve deeper into these critical themes. Faced with the need to enrich their existing website with additional pages, they confronted a common challenge: the over-reliance on generic stock images. This approach, however, felt inadequate for a topic as nuanced and delicate as diversity and inclusion. Seeking a solution that truly captures the essence of their student body, the University sought a partner to create a visual narrative that's not just coherent, but also deeply resonant with their diverse student community. This is where our expertise came into play, bridging the gap between intent and impact.


Our journey with this project began with a deep dive into the true essence of diversity and inclusion. We meticulously cataloged key principles crucial for crafting an authentic visual style that speaks to these values. Armed with research and insights, we transitioned into a creative ideation phase. Here, we blended innovation with tradition: we harnessed AI tools to generate moodboards and juxtaposed them with those we crafted manually. This unique approach not only fostered creative synergy but also laid a robust foundation for the distinct visual style we aimed to achieve.




After proposing our 3 initial concepts, we fine-tuned our approach with MidJourney, utilizing the '--style' parameter to ensure visual consistency. This meticulous process allowed us to forge a cohesive style across all visuals. To bring these concepts to their full potential, we applied the finishing touches in Photoshop, where attention to detail transformed them from concepts to polished, professional visuals.