Value Creation

design and merch to boost their sales strategy
design & merch
presentation design - merch

project overview

Value Creation aimed to revitalize their sales strategy with a personalized and authentic approach. True to their values of genuine collaboration, their strategy included crafting a professional and compelling brochure that echoes their commitment to quality, alongside custom-designed premium umbrellas as distinctive client gifts. These choices were more than just marketing tactics; they symbolized their dedication to fostering authentic, enduring relationships with their clients.


We created high-quality golf umbrellas for Value Creation, featuring their logo and services on all four sides. With a wide 130cm span and made from top-notch materials, these umbrellas were an ideal choice for client gifts. They perfectly matched Value Creation’s standards and ideals, making them a great representation of their brand



presentation design

For Value Creation's company brochure, precision and client appeal were key. We adopted a collaborative approach, involving multiple rounds of feedback, to craft a design that met all these essential criteria. Now, these brochures are a vital part of Value Creation's sales strategy, effectively capturing and conveying their brand's message to win over clients.